Unleash your inner root

Vim Templates

There are often cases as an admin where you find yourself creating new files that all have the same type of basic formation. bash/python scripts come to mind. If you are a vim user, good news, there is a way to make your life easier when creating files of the same type! enter Vim Templates!…

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Vim: Eating paste is bad for you

As a long time vim user in the programming world there is one situation which always makes me cringe: That moment where there is something from the internet that you need to paste into your editor. Without fail the formatting takes a disastrous turn, causing whatever you were pasting to go from the Mona Lisa,…

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Vim: Mastering your workspace: Tabs

In previous vim articles, I talked about buffers, and windows, and splits and all that good stuff. In those articles I mentioned that there was a right way to handle multiple buffers, and there was a wrong way. Today I’m going to talk to you about “the wrong way.” That way…Is tabs. So vim has…

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Vim: Mastering your workspace: windows

In my last article I talked about buffers, and touched on how they can improve your workflow. As promised, this is the follow up where I talk about how amazing windows are, and how they will change your (vim) life forever! Let’s do a short recap: Buffers are essentially the vim loaded version of a…

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Vim: Mastering your workspace: buffers

In previous articles I’ve thrown out a few simple tips like basic movement, and multi-line edits. Which are both some very basic happy things to make your life in vim better. Today I’d like to tackle things from a different direction. I want to talk to you about truly MASTERING your work space. To do…

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More than an editor, A way of life.

Every keyboard cowboy out there has their favorite editor. On the windows side you will hear a few murmured debates between Visual Studio, Eclipse, Notepad++(for the simpler folk) and a few other editors that likely deserve an honorable mention that I cant recall… On the Linux side it often comes down to EMACs and vim….

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Vim: Bust a Move!

Software : VIM Version : 7.4.629 Compatibility : Any Modern Copy of VIM I could go on an epic rant about why vim is the best editor ever (In fact, the first attempt at this article turned into exactly that, and will likely re-surface at a later date in the “Admins Log”) Today though I’d…

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