Unleash your inner root

Configuring openLDAP with Fusion-Directory

Greetings Meta-Wizards, this week we’re visiting a rough subject for me. OpenLDAP. Its frustrating, Its annoying, and its pretty much been my admin life for the last few months. This tutorial will walk you through a basic setup of openLDAP-server on CentOS/RHEL: 6.7 For those just looking for results, I provide A script on Github…

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Github and Saltstack and Security (oh my)

Greetings Meta-Wizards! First, Welcome to the first posting of “Admin’s Log” A place for me to basically just say things that don’t fit into tutorial format. First of all, in general: I have a github account where I’ll be keeping a few random projects that interest me. Second, The reason I bring this up is…

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