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`vim`: Multi-Line Edits!

Greetings IT overlords! Just a quick tip for those vim users out there who, like myself, are on a never ending journey of ultimate vim mastery. Sometimes in vim, you may need to comment, un-comment, or otherwise perform some edit that needs to take place on many lines. This can often be a time consuming…

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`sed`: A Guide for Mere Mortals: 02

Software : GNU SED Version : 4.2.1 Compatibility : Any Copy of SED Previously on “Sed: A guide for mere Mortals” Introduction Welcome back Cyber Wizards. This week on “`sed`: A guide for Mere mortals” We’re going to go over some more basic, but useful, sed sorcery. This time we are focusing on refining what…

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`cp||mv` to Remote Directory

For years when I had to copy or rename something into the same remote directory, I have typed something along the lines of: cp /etc/pam.d/system-auth /etc/pam.d/system-auth.bak-2015112 This however is apparently wrong and bad, and we all need to stop doing it NOW. Why? because its a waste of time. Instead simply do the following: cp…

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A world of Regex: The Basics

Recently I did a brief overview of sed and all its glory, but in the wide world of Admin Ninja Wizardry(tm) basic sed knowledge alone will not net you millions a year and thousands of adoring fangirls/boys/whatever you are into. I mean, neither will regex knowledge…But it will at least make sed/grep/other tools that can…

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sed: A Guide for Mere Mortals: 01

Software : GNU SED Version : 4.2.1 Compatibility : Any Copy of SED Introduction I am a huge fan of thinking of myself as some kind of omni-powerful being and it is for that very reason that I became a Linux User/Admin. Among the myriad of tools available to the discerning power user few tools…

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