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A not so fresh windows 10 Review

As those that have read any amount of my content will know…I’m a Linux guy. I like Linux , I use Linux at work. I talk about Linux. When I’m away from my computer I sometimes wonder if Linux is thinking about me, when I’m thinking about it.

That being said, as much as some fellow Linux users would disagree with me, I no longer feel the need to use Linux for everything in my life. I’ve accepted that for a good gaming experience(I am a gamer in my free time) and for a few other things: Windows is currently the superior desktop product. Yes there is emulation, yes you can make due, but its not about getting by without windows. It’s about using the best product to suit your needs, and for most of my home desktop use…Sadly windows is that product.

I used windows 7 quite happilly, skipped 8/8.1, and when windows 10 came around, following the logic of the Odd/Even rule (every other windows product has been crap) I upgraded almost as soon as I was able. Unlike many, I DID NOT have a terrible time of it. My graphic drivers took one extra reboot to take effect, but that was about the most horrendous aspect of my upgrade process…And at the end of the day, I liked it. Windows 10 delivered for me. The traditional desktop merged with tiles in the start menu? I really enjoy it. A lot of the new UI elements I feel legitimately improve my experience.

That was months ago. Now I do have a complaint about windows 10. one…single…Complaint. Sadly it gets more annoying as time goes on. Windows Automatic Updates. Those three terrible words haunt my dreams. My computer has randomly frozen several times, and after a hard reboot I find that it has a slew of new updates that it was ninja downloading in the background. ugh…Frustrating. Still, I soldiered on. Didn’t happen TOO often, and I WOULD probably forget to update my windows box without them, so whatever…

Until…Today. Today windows prompted me, as it has a few times in the past, that it had completed downloading updates, and needed to apply them with a reboot, it had scheduled a reboot for 6:45am, a time when, according to windows, I did not tend to use my computer. Well, that is true. I don’t tend to use my computer at 6:45am…on A weekday. Because i’m at work, and my computer is turned off. However! Today is sunday, and on sunday’s I am notorious for being awake at 6, and doing things on my desktop, as evidenced by the fact that I was awake at 6:30, and on my computer for it to tell me that it had scheduled updates. But again: Whatever. Soldier on. Fine windows, apply updates. Restart. Let’s just get it out of the way, and move on with my day.

It’s only after the updates have started that windows goes to a new update screen, a little: “oh….Byyyyy the way…did we not mention? This isn’t a normal windows update. This is an update to a new build of windows 10…which requires basically the rest of your life to complete.” It started at 6:45, My desktop has JUST now finished and is back up and running as I type this at 8:00AM. What…The…Hell.

Microsoft, I appreciate new builds of things. Especially as a Linux user. I appreciate the fact that you have a new version that is so drastic it requires basically a re-upgrade to windows 10. That generally means your upgrade process is cleaner, and less likely to cause problems much further down the road… I like that… But sorry: DONT TELL ME ITS JUST WINDOWS UPDATES. What is WRONG with you Microsoft?

First of all: Even if it had been just normal updates and I didn’t have the 10-15 minutes to go through them. I COULD NOT RESCHEDULE. I checked. Or if I could, that option was hidden fairly well. So had I been in the middle of some important career altering project… BOOM. I lost my job and I’m on the street. Thanks Microsoft!

Second: You aren’t going to WARN me that you are doing a HUGE system update? Generally speaking I like to run a backup before I do that kind of thing. Are you THAT confident in your upgrade process that you have no doubts that things could go wrong? It’s not even worth mentioning that its a big upgrade? Not that it matters because, again, I couldn’t even reschedule it if I wanted to.

THIS IS THE DUMBEST METHOD OF HANDLING UPDATES. I am a pretty lenient guy. I sung the praises of what windows 10 did right to a lot of people I knew. I shrugged off a lot of the privacy encroachment that windows 10 did(Must be logged into a windows live account to make use of pretty much any features, as well as other things.) A lot of my friends called me crazy, they wondered how I could be ok with all of the TERRIBLE features windows 10 forces on you. But those things don’t bother me. If you want to steal my advertising info and sell it to some company, but out of the deal I get a better user experience? you know what, sign me up. I support google/google now for that very reason. Google tracks everything I do sure. But the amount of relevant news content I’ve had delivered to my phone as a result, has been top notch. I’ll sell my soul for a free cookie, if that cookie is delicious and I wont miss my soul.

You know what I do care about though? Bad user experiences. This fucking crosses a line. If anyone in Microsoft happens to come across this article, take a note. This shit has to stop. You can ONLY get away with being a greedy consumer whore of a company if your product delivers. And today, your product failed. Did the upgrade go OK? yes, it went fine. Nothing bad happened. That’s not the point though. I’m in IT. I Computer for a living (yes I intended that sentence to be idiotic). I understand what can go wrong. Is there anything on this desktop PC that is crucial and would put me out if it failed? No. But some people DO have that situation, and you could have just cost them their livelihood. So for them, and for my own frustration: Fuck you.

In other news, I finally took the time to disable automatic updates. Never again. So I guess: Thanks Microsoft for providing me an incentive to be slightly less secure. As a former Network Security guy…This makes me feel very warm and fluffy.

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Brandon.Graves • March 20, 2016

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  1. Joe Walters April 2, 2016 - 8:01 am Reply

    I have a few suggestions for you.

    1. Get an SSD already, man.

    2. To disable Windows updates from downloading whenever they want: Go to settings app, select Network & Internet, scroll down, and select “Advanced options” below the list of Wi-Fi networks. Enable the “Set as metered connection”

    3. To disable automatic reboots: Open the Settings app, select Update & security, select “Advanced options” at the bottom of the Windows Update pane, and select “Notify to schedule restart” instead of “Automatic (recommended).”

    You’re thinking “This doesn’t address my actual problem”. You’d be [partially] wrong. Number 1 [partially] addresses your problem.

    • Brandon.Graves April 3, 2016 - 1:02 pm Reply

      All irrelevant to the point at hand though, haha. The point is. Its a shitty design. Speeding up the update process with an SSD doesn’t make an un-notified application of a major system update a better process. yes, windows updates can be disabled from automatically downloading, but I shouldn’t HAVE to do that. Automatic updates are a good thing, Automatic major version changes not so much. And lastly, yes I can switch to notify to schedule restart instead of Automatic, but still. When it pops up to say “hey we’re going to restart, I should ALWAYS have the option to say “actually windows, I’m a bit busy right now, lets reschedule this for later.”

      Anyway, yes, I should get an SSD.

  2. Reverett May 28, 2016 - 10:36 am Reply

    or you can use a group policy to disable automatic updates, that’s what I do.

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