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Github and Saltstack and Security (oh my)

Greetings Meta-Wizards!

First, Welcome to the first posting of “Admin’s Log” A place for me to basically just say things that don’t fit into tutorial format.

First of all, in general: I have a github account where I’ll be keeping a few random projects that interest me.

Second, The reason I bring this up is I’m working on a Saltstack formula for enforcing DoD STIG guidelines for RHEL6

It’s still in its very early stages, but as time goes on it should become a mighty way to get your Redhat Systems up snuff security wise.

Anywho, for those that don’t know Saltstack is a new(er) entry into the playing field of Configuration Management that Puppet and Chef have been dominating for a while. Is it better than Puppet or Chef? I think at the end of the day they are really all about the same, but I like Salt’s style.


Brandon.Graves • November 22, 2015

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